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Certified Wholistic Practitioner
"Health is more than just the absence of illness.
Health is the presence of aliveness, energy and joy."
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Thomas Bowen
Bowen Technique Therapy

Bowen therapy was developed in Australia by Tom Bowen and is becoming popular in many countries, more recently in Alberta.

Bowen therapy is safe, gentle and subtle bodywork. This technique is a model of simplicity - it provides maximum results with minimum of intervention. The work consists of a series of precise moves on specific points of the body, which can be done over loose clothing. The relaxation response that occurs is the ideal situation for healing.

Benefits are usually apparent with one to three sessions, even for chronic complaints. Results are rapid and long lasting.

The Hugh Chatham Hospital in North Carolina has been using Bowen therapy for direct patient care since 1997. Research by the University of North Carolina and the University of Manchester (UK) has shown a 85% success rate for back pain, 95% for TMJ, 80% for fibromyalgia (although treatment may be over a period of time), Frozen Shoulder 77%, 50% success rate on the first treatment of bedwetting, and a further 25% on the second treatment.

Conditions that can be helped with Bowen Technique include:
Musculo-skeletal Pain
Respiratory Problems
Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Digestive Disorders
TMJ alignment Colic
Crohn's Disease
Frozen Shoulder
Gynecological Problems
Pelvic problems Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Knee and hip restrictions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Bed Wetting in Children

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(BOWen TECHnique) is the tradename for "The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia", the organization that establishes the official standard for Bowen Technique and the standard of instruction.

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