Anatis Wholistic Therapy


Massage Therapy can improve overall wellbeing by relaxing the muscles with  manipulation of the soft tissues structures of the body, working directly with the tension areas as well as surrounding tissue.  Massage calms the nervous system reducing the overall stress which can accumulate in the body.  It also may help to resolve pain and dysfunction from muscle strain and injuries.

Chronic tension due to stress or overwork can create an imbalance in the skeletal structure causing the body to overcompensate in other areas.  The skeletal system can be adversely affected by imbalances in the muscle and connective tissue imbalances.

Absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins can be further assisted by increased flow of fluid throughout the body.  Digestion has been known to improve with relaxation and massage of the abdominals. Massage therapy can be adapted to specific needs and sensitivities, varying pressures and techniques to specific areas of compression.  Massage can enhance lymphatic and blood circulation, tissue pliability, and provide tranquil relaxation.  


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